Static Web Designing

A Static Website Designing is the easy way to present your business or product online. The content to be presented can be in the form of services and products or maybe information concerning to your company. Static Web Designing pages mainly encompass a mixture of code and content. Sites may consist of any amount of web pages with least amount of HTML and script which helps in Search Engine Optimization. We provide unique and tailored web page designing with brilliance at forceful marketing rates.

Dynamic Web Designing

A Dynamic Website Page is a Web Page which has content that can be customized by a coding or script at the instance the page is called for. Dynamic website pages let a consumer to set their preference relating to what type of information will be displayed.In general dynamic website is the website with all web contents stored in a database and fetched as one into a web page when the web page is stipulated. Our Web Designing team is extremely skillful and experienced team, who can offer our customers with Dynamic Web Designing services with utmost quality.

Features for Static Website
Details Silver Gold Platinum Custom
Price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Template Theme Actual Flexible Unique Unique
Pages 5 pages (Max) 10 pages (Max) 20 pages (Max) Unlimited
Contact Form Yes Yes Yes Yes
Banner Slider Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Entry Level Basic Average Yes
Social Networking Integration No Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Functions
Dynamic Features No No No Custom
Backend No No No Yes
Manageable No By Us By Us Yes
Maintenance Emergency Restore On Request with AMC On Request with AMC Yes
Website Delivery 2 days 5 days 10 days Custom
Contract Signed Yes Yes Yes Yes